10 quotes from GAME OF THRONES

We all love 'Game of Throne' and Every year we wait to see what next season unveils. And looks like we have reached till season 6 and the story only gets more entertaining and full of suprises. Here are some of the most philosophical quotes from 'Game of thrones'. 1) Never forget what you are.... Continue Reading →



Oscar is the biggest movie award function. I don't have to describe it much cause it is something which can't be described. This time we're just gonna go through the nominations of best picture, best actor in lead role, best actress in lead role, best actor in supporting role, best actress in supporting role. In... Continue Reading →

TOP 10: Films to watch before you die

We all have list to do before we die. So this list is all about which all films to watch before you die. #10¬†FORREST GUMP (1994)¬† Cast : Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise Story: Forrest Gump while not intelligent, has accidentally been present at many historic moments. Forrest Gump cares about one person who... Continue Reading →

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