About Us

What are stories ?

It’s hard to get behind this question because we are always inside it. We are in stories, we make them up, we use them, we are in some senses made by them. It’s very hard to think, talk or write for very long without starting to put things into a sequence that relates something, retells something.

Tortoise Stories has an AIM and that is to tell the world about stories which they might think doesn’t exist or doesn’t want to give any attention to it. There are stories which we encounter everyday. Travelling in buses, metro, train, even while walking; everything has a story and through them everyone can learn a bit more about greatest thing “love and care“.  Many stories wants to be heard and some stories need to be heard and we just want to be mediator to those stories and voices.

What we will do?

We AIM to build lives through Written stories, blogging, creating film and documentaries etc. Also building and educating individuals in whatever way we can.


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