Experience of a Digital Marketeer


In the last one year of my Digital Marketing work,  I had this burden of sharing my experience so that it may help an experienced or a fresher (specially) to perform better in their jobs. 
Given below are the few points which I would like to share, so that you can perform better in your job. 

1) Know your Stronghold
Knowing your strength and your weaknesses are very important.  Cause while on your job you can work on your weaknesses and improve gradually.  No one is born with skills and knowledge, everyone has to learn.  

2) Get to know your company
Invest few days in getting to know your company and its processes.  If you wont get to know this then how will you work on digital market and represent your company? 

3) Be Organized from the start
At the start of one’s job everyone feels excited and overwhelmed, but in few months that excitement wears off.  so what will help you to perform better??  Keep your self organized since day 1.

4) Know your Season
It is very important to know the time period of your company’s growth. When does your sales growth is high and when is the season of regenerating and the season of rest.  For example Google adwords,  social media marketing etc will not be efficient in off season.

5) Work on your skills
Digital world grows even as we sleep in night,  this world is growing.  Everyday new software or updates are released, Some are much better or some are cheaper. So always test your skills and grow.

6) Expand your knowledge
You have digital marketing skills in hand but sometime you need to relay on others to accomplish your project.  Well..  I have a better alternative,  why don’t you do it yourself?  Coding,  graphic designing,  video editting etc,  are the skills which you will want handy.  Once you get these skills then you are independent.

7) Always plan and execute with Result Orientation
Whenever you plan a campaign always keep your goals with it.  What you want to achieve in this campaign? It can be lead generation,  purchase,  get more views and likes or it might just be awareness.  Always be specific on your campaign’s achievement.

A bonus point
Document your success in weekly or monthly bases.  Then you will know how much you have grown in that particular organization.


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