Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriger in 2010 and it was made only for IOS system. After two years, in 2012 they released it on Android Phones as well. Instagram was available on windows phone in 2016. Instagram is famous for sharing Images and videos. Now it is one of the most famous social media platforms in the world.

In 2010, Instagram was released and in just 2 months it got 1 million users and 1 year they got 10 millions users. Recently there was a survey and it is said that over 200 million active users are there on instagram. In the beginning the app got so much of attention that its value was nearly or above 1 million dollars in just one year. Mark Zukerburg went to buy it and he paid almost the half of Facebook’s value to get Instagram on board. What’s happening on Twitter, that’s a second thing but what is going on instagram that’s where all the focus is.

They’ve got their own filters, and you can tag anyone and hashtag anything. Originally the photos were to be taken in square but there was an update in 2015 which changed it to posting pics full size.

Do you know what is hashtag?  If you don’t then hashtag is metadata tag which allows users to find the message or post easily based on the content.

Instagram can be connected to your facebook profile so whenever you post something on instagram it can be shared easily on facebook as well. Now some of us would want our business page or business to be developed on instagram so there is a business profile that can be created and directly get linked to your facebook page. For that you need to go on “options” scroll down and you will be able to find “switch to business profile” and through that your account will be linked with facebook page.

Did you know that many people have made their profiles into paid profile. That means people get money by just posting a pic on Instagram. That’s so easy. But for that one must have a very strong following and that to they should be able to get enough likes on their posts.  There is a ratio of 5000 follower = 3000 likes . If you have a following of 4000 but you are getting only 300 or 500 likes that’s not enough Because other profiles who are following you are dead weight in your follower’s list.  So if your profile has more than 60% of likes on your post that means people who are following you are healthy and regular users and that’s how you are made into an INFLUENCER.

Now I started a topic that people get money to post pictures, well how it works is that when you have a good following and the number of likes are good on your post then you become an INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER. So brands will approach you and will pay you to take pictures and promote their brand by posting on instagram. Now hardly some brand would like to pay 20 million just for 2 mins ad to any actor, instead what many brands have started to do is that they catch some good influencers on instagram and pay them just to post pic, it’s cheaper and it has higher chances of people getting engaged to that particular brand. Being an influencer on instagram is a big thing, it is almost equal to becoming a face of brand.

I have come across people who follow to unfollow, what I mean is that they follow people and once other user start to follow they unfollow them. But to be honest that’s kinda weird thing to do, don’t be a “wanna be” because if you do something like that you lose respect and it might convey as if you are a “wanna be”. So don’t follow to unfollow but to follow genuinely. To gain more followers some people buy followers. Companies have been created where you can pay to get certain number of followers but that’s useless cause when you post a pic and you don’t get that much of likes then that means the profiles aren’t active. So don’t buy followers, just post a good pic and use good hashtags and keep your bio updated because when someone follows you they check your bio, so keep it updated and provide information to the fullest. Don’t buy followers earn them.

Now about posting, always post a high quality image because that’s where you get the attention of other users, if you are using hashtags but your account is on “private account” then your hashtags is of no use because others can’t view it. To view it you need to keep your profile open. And always tag yourself in your post.

Instagram is a big subject to be read on and study on. And I think after facebook, instagram is gaining more and more influence and it has taken over tweeter as well. There are still many things to speak about Instagram.




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