Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriger in 2010 and it was made only for IOS system. After two years, in 2012 they released it on Android Phones as well. Instagram was available on windows phone in 2016. Instagram is famous for sharing Images and videos. Now it is one of the most... Continue Reading →


History of Indian Cinema

In the last one century, the world has changed drastically  and  is still developing fast. This development has affected the world cinema hugely. The cameras, techniques, ideas, sound system etc has all changed and is still changing to a better version. Indian Cinema has seen the most changes (according to me). The first Indian film... Continue Reading →

Pink: movie review 

Pink, a soft name for strong motive movie. 'No, NO is a NO' very simple and precisely narrated by director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. The best thing about PINK is that it has smashing dialogues. A job well done by Ritesh Shah. Let's take a look at such dialogues. 1) "Hamare yaha ghadi ki sui character... Continue Reading →

Indian classic films to watch before you die

Currently, Bollywood movies are one of the most watched movies in the world after Hollywood. Somewhere, I heard that a building’s strength lies in its foundation and that is the reason how bollywood movies make it to every corner of the world. Bollywood classics are not only recognised and fondly remembered in India but were... Continue Reading →

10 quotes from GAME OF THRONES

We all love 'Game of Throne' and Every year we wait to see what next season unveils. And looks like we have reached till season 6 and the story only gets more entertaining and full of suprises. Here are some of the most philosophical quotes from 'Game of thrones'. 1) Never forget what you are.... Continue Reading →


Oscar is the biggest movie award function. I don't have to describe it much cause it is something which can't be described. This time we're just gonna go through the nominations of best picture, best actor in lead role, best actress in lead role, best actor in supporting role, best actress in supporting role. In... Continue Reading →

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